Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ben Wilkinson Austrailan Big Wave Charger

Ben is riding a 9'0'' by 23'' by 4'' thick quad gun with a baby moon tail. This board is to turn around under the lip and take off straight down. This board has been tested on the North Shore and is headed for Peru and Chile this summer and Mavericks and Todos Santos in the coming winter.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ben Andrews


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Pato Teixeira, Adam D'esposito, Garrett Mcnamara, Dick Brewer and Mike Pietsch

Lots of big wave boards for Dick Brewer and I to work on this winter. Here are some pics. Pato Teixeira brought his Jaws paddle surfing buddy and they ordered 10'6 and 10' Thruster and single fin guns. They both were following the trend towards bigger and thicker guns. The single fins are looking more and more like the flat deck beasts of the 70s and 80s. Pato brought in some insane photos of last summers epic Tahiti swell. Garrett McNamara found an old 12'2 B Dick Brewer Clark Foam blank under Jack Reeves house and made an epic Quad 11' by 23" by 4" thick paddle beast for next winter on the outer reefs and maybe even Cortez Banks. Garrett brought in his Brewer towboard that he rode the 70' Guiness Book wave on. Adam built two pintail balsa towboards for Tahiti this summer. Mike Pietsch brought in his Himilayas tube rider 11'6 Brewer quad gun we made last winter and ordered 2 more the same as last year. Small fins. Curtis Hesselgrave just sent me some new G10 fins for guns, towboards and step offs if anyone is interested.